The EnLume way to Cloud Engineering

Our digital cloud transformation services provide organizations with comprehensive, cloud-agnostic solutions encompassing architecture design, migration, implementation, and optimizations. We empower businesses with end-to-end support, enabling them to embrace the benefits of cloud technology.


Cloud Migration

Our solutions empower businesses to seamlessly assess, select the right cloud service model, architect suitable cloud setups, and flawlessly migrate systems. Experience minimal downtime, attain the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), and ensure zero defects.

    Cloud AssessmentDatabase MigrationTCO AnalysisApplication Migration

DevOps On Cloud

We propel businesses towards accelerated market entry and heightened agility by implementing or transitioning DevOps practices into the cloud environment. This cultivates a culture of seamless collaboration, continuous integration, and swift deployment of software applications.

    CI/CDMicroservicesPlatform as a servicePolicy as a codeInfrastructure as a codeCloud OrchestrationSoftware as a serviceContainerization

Cloud Native Application Development

Our team excels in architecting, building, and deploying applications that fully leverage cloud-native architecture. This approach harnesses the utmost scalability, elasticity, and cost-efficiency, allowing applications to fluidly adapt to variable workloads and allocate resources dynamically.

    DevOps On CloudContainerizationServerless ArchitectureMicroservices

Real Time Analytics

We specialize in pinpointing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that provide precise insights into business performance. Our services encompass crafting systems that integrate real-time streaming data from diverse sources, culminating in the creation of dynamic dashboards for advanced data visualization and analysis.

    Events & Data StreamingReal Time Events ProcessingAWS Map ReduceKPIs ReportingAWS Kinesis

Managed Services

Innovative provisioning, deployment, and monitoring of AWS infrastructure are our forte. Leveraging advanced automation and monitoring techniques, we ensure your AWS environment operates seamlessly. Enjoy rapid scaling and optimal utilization for your startup's triumph.

    Auto ProvisionOperations ManagementAuto DeployIncident Response
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