As businesses embrace the digital realm, new online data sources emerge, opening fresh opportunities for real-time actionable insights. Analyzing logs, clickstreams, and IoT sensor data unveils current customer, application, and product dynamics.

Discover real-time analytics through our managed services. Expertly designed, they seamlessly collect, process, and analyze data, enabling swift, well-informed decisions.

EnLume’s Real-Time Analytics Advantage


Rapidly Attain Valuable Insights

Obtain actionable intelligence from streaming data within seconds, significantly reducing the time required compared to traditional methods that took hours or even days.


Effortlessly Ingest Data

Leverage fully managed cloud services to effortlessly ingest data, eliminating the need for developing and maintaining your own stream processing pipelines.


Achieve Seamless Application Scalability

Utilize on-demand cloud resources to effortlessly handle surges in data volume, enabling smooth scalability of your analytics solution without disruptions.


How We Solve it for you


Maximising Real-Time Analytics

Harness the prowess of real-time analytics. We engineer resilient systems, adept at ingesting and processing real-time data from diverse streams, guaranteeing fault-tolerant streaming analytics.


Elevate Decision-Making Through Business Dashboards

Crafting dashboards for real-time monitoring, we offer enterprises unmatched insights into their business health and KPIs, granting unparalleled control.


Unlocking Added Value With Tailored Functionalities

Our team of expert data engineers and developers enhance the real-time data streaming engine. We create custom features like benchmarking, visualizations, automated support ticket generation, and more, aligning with your unique business requirements.

Our Expertise In Building Real Time Analytics Solutions

Unlock actionable insights from your data through our robust systems capable of processing billions of transactions annually.


Technology stack we use

Data Ingestion
  • sectionImgCloud Pub/Sub
  • sectionImgAzure Event Hub
  • sectionImgAmazon Kinesis
  • sectionImgMQTT
  • sectionImgKafka
Data Processing
  • sectionImgGoogle Dataflow
  • sectionImgFlink
  • sectionImgGoogle Dataflow
  • sectionImgSpark
  • sectionImgStream Analytics
Data Transformation (ETL/ELT)
  • sectionImgFivetran
  • sectionImgAWS Glue
  • sectionImgdbt
  • sectionImgAWS Glue
  • sectionImgStitch
Reverse ETL
  • sectionImgCensus
  • sectionImgHightouch
  • sectionImgOmnata
Data Warehouse/Lake
  • sectionImgSnowflake
  • sectionImgPinot
  • sectionImgGoogle Big Query
  • sectionImgAmazon Redshift
  • sectionImgDatabricks
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