• Creating a highly scalable system that facilitates real-time bi-directional communication between on-premises applications and the AWS Cloud.
  • Implementing a streamlined and customized configuration process that expedites the onboarding of restaurants.
  • Ensuring efficient handling of a large volume of customer orders, characterized by rapid response times and dependable performance.
  • Establishing a secure transaction environment that adheres to PCI standards for online payments.
  • Integrating with various POS platforms to achieve comprehensive automation of the ordering process for restaurants.


Developing an application for restaurants that is both secure and scalable, ensuring a responsive experience for users, particularly in managing a high volume of online orders and the delivery process. The platform should seamlessly integrate with multiple payment gateways, while also complying with PCI DSS standards.


Our cloud-based application provides a scalable and flexible architecture with real-time order throttling. It utilizes the AWS cloud environment for easy configuration management and offers customized interfaces, menu synchronization, comprehensive business analytics, targeted digital marketing support, and a secure platform for online ordering and synchronization.

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