EnLume provides a comprehensive suite of manual and automation testing solutions seamlessly integrated into the entire software development life cycle. Our diligent software quality assurance practices identify and rectify coding errors, resulting in improved development cycles and reduced unintended consequences. By enhancing confidence and credibility for businesses, we optimize workflow processes and drive operational efficiency.


Functional / regression testing

EnLume offers comprehensive functional testing services to verify software applications align with business specifications and meet user expectations. Our rigorous approach ensures reliable and high-quality software solutions.


Test automation

EnLume prioritizes testing using robust regression procedures and a variety of techniques for early defect detection, extensive test coverage, cost efficiency, and ongoing effectiveness.


Security testing

EnLume's comprehensive security testing enhances application and product security through information gathering, vulnerability identification, and risk mitigation.


Web services / API testing

We conduct thorough testing to ensure that services align with business requirements and deliver value from the end-user perspective, emphasizing the compliance and functionality of APIs.


Performance testing

EnLume assists in identifying and resolving performance issues early in the application development lifecycle, that helps prevent revenue loss and reputation damage.


Big data & analytics testing

Our end-to-end test approach validates data processing, addresses system requirements, benchmarks performance, and conducts vulnerability assessments for system health.


IoT testing

EnLume accelerates IoT initiatives by testing use cases under real-life conditions, ensuring optimal performance of IoT-enabled applications through end-to-end software testing.


DevOps testing

Our QA/Testing practices bridge the gap between Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery, aligning with automated delivery pipelines, DevOps collaboration, and infrastructure as code.

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