Enterprise mobility for iOS and android

Our enterprise mobility solutions offer end-to-end app lifecycle management, expertly covering requirements analysis, technology selection, development, and ongoing support for iOS and Android platforms.


​​Innovative application development

End-to-end capabilities for solution architecture, UI/UX, front-end/back-end development, analytics, and testing, delivering seamless user experiences.


Quality assurance and testing

Rigorous testing, including automated/manual testing, device testing, and interface testing, ensuring high-quality software solutions.


Deployment and distribution

Efficient app deployment across platforms and environments, including stores, cloud, and on-premise installations.


IT operations and maintenance

Ongoing support, updates, optimized systems, and app migration for smooth operation and longevity


Enterprise mobility solutions

Drive business growth with tailored mobile solutions, seamless integration, and advanced security.


Enterprise mobile enablement

Centralized management, security, and real-time insights for optimal efficiency.


Mobile security and data protection

Protect sensitive information, establish secure access controls, meet compliance standards.


Sales automation and collaboration

Optimize sales operations, enhance collaboration, enable secure mobile payments.


Workforce productivity

Maximize efficiency with device management, BYOD support, field collaboration, and shop floor solutions.

Technology stack we use

  • sectionImgSwift
  • sectionImgSQLite
  • sectionImgTestFlight
  • sectionImgCore Data
  • sectionImgTestFairy
  • sectionImgKotlin
  • sectionImgJava
  • sectionImgSQLite
Enterprise mobility
  • sectionImgAWS S3
  • sectionImgAWS Glacier
  • sectionImgAWS Lambda
  • sectionImgAWS SNS
  • sectionImgAWS SES
  • sectionImgAWS CodePipeline
  • sectionImgAWS CodeDeploy
  • sectionImgAWS DynamoDB
  • sectionImgJenkins
  • sectionImgFirebase
  • sectionImgFastlane
  • sectionImgAWS Mobile Hub
  • sectionImgAmazon Cognito
  • sectionImgAmazon Lex
  • sectionImgAmazon API Gateway
  • sectionImgAmazon Pinpoint
  • sectionImgAWS AppSync
  • sectionImgAWS RDS
  • sectionImgAWS Device Farm
  • sectionImgAWS Code Commit
Payment integrations
  • sectionImgApple Pay
  • sectionImgGoogle Pay
  • sectionImgStripe
  • sectionImgPayPal
  • sectionImgSquare
  • sectionImgBraintree
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