1. How can the cloud enable mobile app developers?

The cloud is everywhere quite literally too. In today’s world, we use apps more than ever. Mobile apps are so popular that most of them can do functions that used to require a personal computer before. An app is essentially a complete software that is bundled into one small package. When it comes to developing these apps, the cloud is now a factor that is proving to be very useful. Many developers are now using the cloud to develop apps for the market successfully. Developers in today’s world have to move at a very fast pace; they need to make innovations constantly.

2. Offer a seamless experience across mobile devices and platforms.

The cloud is also able to reduce any downtime. This enables the app developers and the mobile app development company to make any changes to the app in real time. This also helps to remove any glitches and bugs and additionally helps to tweak the features of the app to give better performance. There are also a lot of ways that digital marketing is being implemented on the internet, especially on social media networking sites. The cloud is also instrumental in offering a seamless experience across popular mobile platforms as well as different mobile devices. This is particularly helpful in the iOS app. Many mobile devices have constraints in the resources that they have in terms of hardware and software, most commonly in memory, computational power as well as in the storage segment. By having the app run in the cloud, the app developer does not have to worry about which device the customer is using. This is particularly useful when the mobile app development process is hindered if the developers are building apps that very compute intensive apps like game apps. These game apps can be streamed from the cloud directly.


3. Choosing Hybrid Cloud for enterprise applications

Many of the app developers in the current market are now shifting their operations to build in hybrid cloud environments. Developers are now choosing more effective and more reliable strategies where all the workloads are not equal. This is because they are now moving beyond the old core services of IaaS, SaaS, and PaaS. With the hybrid cloud solution, mobile app development companies now have the flexibility to put their apps on servers that run the best. When you are working with experts in cloud development like with EnLume, you can be confident as you will be getting the maximum value for your spending on the cloud.

4. Fully-integrated and unified security solutions.

The app developers now work on the integration of the organization’s security solutions across many cloud environments. They need to be reskilled on how best to use these integrated services to get better business outcomes. The app development on the cloud will move to higher levels with voice control APIs as well as augmented intelligence. All the major Android apps and apps in other platforms, right from online shopping to cab booking apps have seen huge success with cloud integration.

5. Enabling social media networking and geolocation features.

By using the cloud, the developer can add the social media login feature very easily to their app. The cloud services will also enable apps with geolocation services. The developer can also use the Application programming interface (APIs) that are readily available to reduce any complexity that might come up when building apps for any device platform. App developers can also scale, to handle the high storage and computational needs by choosing to either stream the entire part from the cloud or only some parts of their iOS app.

6. Effective mobile push notifications.

Mobile push notifications have been difficult to implement for many users. But with the help of simple APIs on the cloud, a mobile app development company can easily send push notifications to apps on multiple platforms. The app developers can understand the preferences of their customers in real time. This can be done by processing the information that they receive from website click streams, information from social media sites. The developers can also make the Android apps more user-friendly by getting operational logs, transactional information as well as the metering data from the sites that have these types of information.

7. Store and Analyse user data.

The developers can also store the data of the users in a secure and low-cost way in the cloud. By using the data and the analytics tools to the cloud, the organization can analyse the results to gain a better understanding of their customers and get the trends. Companies can also customize marketing efforts so that customers get a better experience.

8. Faster innovation.

With the cloud, the developer can do more experimenting without having to worry about any capital expenses or failed collateral. Companies can stay ahead in the market by making new features on the cloud. These apps that are thus developed can be made operational in multiple regions in very few clicks. The cloud also allows businesses to penetrate a large number of users and offer revenue opportunities for the same.

9. Go global in minutes.

The whole process of designing a concept to making a prototype and then the final delivery has to be quick so that these mobile apps are still relevant to the customers in the market. The cloud can offer these app developers a good low-cost way to build these much-needed apps. The cloud also helps the mobile app development cycle by being highly scalable, being flexible. Apps that are made with support from the cloud can also be deployed more rapidly than others. The cloud thus offers a way to deliver these applications to the market in a time-bound manner.

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