Data Preparation

EnLume’s Data Preparation solution is purpose-built to give data analysts and business users the capability to discover, structure, clean, integrate and publish data in a dynamically visual and interactive way.

Why Data Preparation?

Data Quality

Inaccurate data risks your brand and revenue, as range of ‘Data Quality’ can
  • Affect trust amongst stakeholders and their satisfaction
  • Make Business leaders stay away from adopting a robust data-based decision approach

Data Analysis

Time is the essence as the overall effort and duration for any Data Analysis is directly proportional to the input Data Quality. The chances of improper data usage and wrong interpretations are high without proper data validation

Business Value

Realize business value with higher productivity and effective cost performance upto
  • 15% of Cost Savings out of the total revenues generated
  • Additional 50% Cost Avoidance in case of service businesses

Win with Data & Realize competitive advantage

Accelerated data usage

Cloud enabled Data preparation doesn’t need any technical installation and allows teams connect on the work for quicker results.

Superior Scalability

Data preparation and business will grow at tandem. Enterprise no need to worry about the underlying infrastructure or attempt to forecast their evolutions.

Future proof

Auto Upgradation allows businesses to remain prior the innovation curve without extra costs and delays.

Data Quality Dimensions

EnLume assures

  • Accuracy – are the data sets free of any possible errors ? (ex: multiple formats / different source fields / wrong entries.. etc.)
  • Completeness – are there any missing data or empty fields in the data set (ex: blank rows due to sync related issues etc.)
  • Timeliness – are the data upto date ? Is it relevant for the set objectives of the analysis ? (ex: is data available at the time needed)
  • Consistency – formats are maintained (ex: is data consistent between systems/Are duplicate records exists)
  • Structure – logically arranged (ex: are the relations between entities and attributes consistent)
  • Clarity – there is no redundancy and do not contain randomness (Noise)

Data Quality

Why EnLume?

Data Architecture and Solutions

Our Data architecture constitutes flexible and light weight ETL strategies and help streaming large volumes of data from disparate data sources. It leads to more relevant and accurate data and reduces the breakdown time and network costs.

Data Preparation lifecycle

Our Integrated Data Preparation solution handles disparate data sources(internal and external) to make quality data ready for analysis. Our professional and certified resources in Data sciences provides you with the right solutions to solve your business challenges.

Visual Analysis
Interactive and Visual Analysis

Our data process and management system integrates, unifies and standardizes large and complex data coming from different data sources to identify trends, patterns and relationships in the data through interactive and visually appealing representations.

Predictive and Prescriptive analytics

Our extensive data science capabilities quantifies the effect of future decisions in order to advise on possible outcomes before the decisions are actually made.

EnLume Solution Highlights / USP


Our Methodology

Data Preparation is the first step to your Business Transformation using Machine Learning



Understand all the Data Sources and study the structure of data sets as required for defined objectives of data analytics. (desperate data sources)


Remove redundancies and create usable data sets that improves integrity. This will deal with different units & scales, formatting, segmentation, clustering, etc.


Find all the errors and issues concerning data quality (ex: incomplete, inaccurate, inconsistent, outliers, duplicates, etc.) and make suitable changes for corrections in the dataset while protecting the overall data integrity


Converge all relevant data sets for faster and comprehensive analysis. This includes data from both internal & external sources


Verify the output dataset is ready for intended analysis. Refresh web-scale data for immediate use towards ML applications. This confirms that the data sets can be streamed in real-time or ingested in batches for Analysis.
“Your ML algorithms are only as good as the data they’re built upon”

Our Technology Alliance Partner

An automated cloud-based data wrangling solution
    • Trifacta is a automated data preview and visual feedback as the data is transformed, for immediate validation.
    • It ensures automated, scalable, and comprehensive cleaning and validation process to reduce the risk of human error.
    • A final published data set of any size that is fully prepared to be properly analyzed by downstream analytics tools.
    • Trifacta is a fully secured, governed, and traceable solution to comply with data regulations.
    • It can be optimized for the cloud to scale elastically.
    • It is easy and intuitive—no coding or complex mapping-based systems required.


Technology Stack we use


swiftPostgre SQL
sqlMy SQL
testfightAurora DB




swiftR Language


swiftAmazon S3
swiftAWS Redshift
swiftAWS DynamoDB
swiftApache Hive


swiftAmazon EMR

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