Most of the times, first-time mobile App developers are from these 3 categories:

  • Enterprise/Business Solution: You want to reach your customers/clients conveniently or else you want internal apps to make your business processes more efficient – like payroll.
  • Startup, SMB: You have the next big idea and you need to put it out there in the open. You want to probably start with a basic version now and expand your Application features as your business grows. Small business owners who want to expand their reach and increase brand loyalty also fall into this category.
  • Game: You want to build the next big Mobile App for gaming, you have the idea but have no clue HOW TO EXECUTE IT.

No matter what categories you fall into, if it’s your first time trying to make a mobile app and you’re not willing to sit for weeks and months researching, coding and designing everything yourself, it may take 25-40 weeks to put your first Mobile App in place. Why waste the time, energy and cost to go through this tedious process when you contact us with your business needs and we can help you build the mobile app in just 25 days.

We give a listening ear to all your Enterprise/StartUp needs and help you, we have helped enterprises with their business requirements and helped them execute the brilliant plans and ideas they possess. Few of the many back end services we deal with are:

Datastore API: Our Datastore API provides scalable servers and the datastore for your Enterprise Mobile Apps right out of the box.

Authentication: EnLume secures all your calls and data by authenticating your users with industry-standard OAuth 2.0. Built-in password encryption and OAuth 2.0 gives you a fast, secure way of creating and managing your users. With the user authentication service provided out of the box for every App.

Access Controls: Access Controls protect your API by restricting who can create, read, update, or delete requests. EnLume builds Access Control management into your applications dashboard so that you can incorporate Mobile App security in minutes, not weeks.

Social: EnLume User Authentication service supports logins with Twitter and Facebook credentials this helps you widen user adoption without needing to build your own social authentication exchange system. EnLume provides one platform to provide authentication to your Mobile App.

Push API: EnLume Push Notification Service sends millions of messages a day, engaging users and keeping you connected with your audience.

Geolocation: Your Apps need to provide location based services, letting your users know what’s nearby. With EnLume geolocation support, your application can save and search for any geopoint location.

Binary Storage: EnLume File Storage service integrates with your Amazon S3 account to handle images, videos, and other files generated from your application. Send your data to EnLume through the REST API or our native Mobile SDKs, and we’ll take care of the communication with Amazon, returning you the resulting Amazon S3 URL for your file. Because you use your own Amazon S3 account, you get full access and control of your files.

We know Time is money.

Why take 20-30 weeks to build your Enterprise Mobile App on your own, when we can build your App in just 25 days.

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