Financial Technology – also known as Fintech is booming all around the world.

From Venture Capitalists to the Banking Giants, everyone is noticing the upcoming fintech startups. Statista estimates that banks will spend $19 bn on new technology in 2017 in North America.

Made up of material for Disruptors, Fintech Startups are bringing innovation not only in the use of technology but also in business models and consumer services.

Easy payment processes, money transfer and platforms that compare financial services are driving more users to the apps / sites of fintech startups, leaving behind the large financial institutions.

Fintech companies are moving the dough in the traditional banking and finance sector. Mobile banking, P2P lending, virtual currency, digital insurance are just some of the ideas which are disrupting the way money flows.

Here are 30 Top Fintech Startups which are challenging the conventional and should be watched out for in 2017.

The following is the full list of Startups mentioned in the infographic:

Startups providing banking services:

Startups providing Bitcoin services:

Startups providing foreign currency transfer services:

Startups providing insurance services:

Startups providing loan services:

Startups providing investment services:

Startups providing fraud prevention services:

Startups providing Mobile payment services:

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