Adaptive clinical feedback tool for patients and caregivers to improve outcomes of mental health therapies

Customer Speaks

EnLume worked across four time zones to build a scale-able platform for administration, scoring, and interpreting a complex, computer-adaptive, measure. We deeply appreciated their expertise on security, and their willingness to flexibly adapt to changing demands. EnLume was willing to go the extra mile to work closely with academics and medical professionals in translating research into a real-world enterprise application.
Joachim Vie, Daglig Leader/CEO
Norse Feedback


  • Norse is a global system conceptualized by Mental health Informatics AS (MHI) in Helse Førde, Norway in collaboration with researchers across the world. MHI wanted to give patients a mobile application to communicate their mental health status with their caregivers over time.
  • The system needed to scale, be secure and maintain patient’s data privacy and confidentiality in compliance with the Norwegian regulations. System required total scalability for global deployment with Intuitive user experience.


  • A dynamic multi-dimensional assessment and feedback solution for different patient groups offering clinical care
  • Responsive, easy and readily available for patients and therapists from virtually any device and from anywhere
  • User experience is designed considering patients behaviour and experience
  • Multi-lingual website to support all regions across the world, covering both UI elements and Messaging, for future global usage
  • Infrastructure as code with Terraform allowing to automate AWS environment including services creation, versioning on infrastructure configuration
  • Built Microservice architecture to provide highly scalable at lower cost
  • Patient’s privacy protected as per the Norwegian and HIPAA regulations; Created a multi-tier architecture with proxy storage for patient’s anonymous health data on AWS Cloud

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