COVID-19: Adaptability is Critical to Business Success

The coronavirus (COVID-19) has spread to almost every country in the world since the time it emerged in China earlier this year. The sudden spread of the pandemic has changed the work dynamic at most companies and has put an emphasis on the need to support efficient remote collaboration. As we all process and plan for the realities and unknowns caused by the coronavirus pandemic, organizations also need to adapt quickly.

At EnLume, we are doing everything we can to keep our team safe while continuing to provide the kind of partnership that our clients need to navigate through these difficult times.

Safety First

The health and safety of our employees is the topmost priority. We have initiated necessary actions to ensure the risk is mitigated, and at the same time shall control the spread of COVID-19. Our team has taken the advice from government officials and medical authorities to do our best to help contain the scale and scope of this pandemic. We have put in place the required measures possible in this regard.

We are fortunate in that our teams are used to working remotely and collaborating virtually using digital tools. Therefore, we have not seen any disruptions in our ability to collaborate with and support our clients.

The project resources are trained and provided with necessary awareness workshops are conducted on personal protective measures for all EnLume workforce.

Investing in Infrastructure

We continue to invest in our “remote work” infrastructure to ensure that collaboration is top-notch and that our people do not bear any significant burdens when it comes to working remotely. We use a suite of tools that enable communication and support our processes to allow the team to focus on the right things.

We have also enacted new processes to ensure communication levels stay high both internally as well as with our clients. This includes starting (or continuing in many cases) daily standups, weekly status meetings, and monthly executive check-ins to ensure we are delivering on our promise.

Remaining Agile

With COVID-19 evolving each passing day, we too will adapt and evolve our processes to what is needed. We remain flexible so that we can adjust to our own and our clients’ new realities. We firmly believe that we are all better together

Secure Access

  • Resources shall be asked to work from their existing home locations, by connecting through a secure VPN channel using the private home wifi network.
  • Each laptop is configured to have secure access (with EnLume Login ID and PW) and have VPN software (Cisco AnyConnect) installed on the laptop.
  • RSA Secure-ID software is configured in the mobile phone of the user to have dynamic VPN tokens generated for accessing the respective virtual machines by login through the VPN tunnel (Cisco AnyConnect)
  • This multi-factor authentication by each account user ensures a secure login procedure to systems.

Providing the Highest Level of Client Service

On a daily basis, our executive team reviews the impact of the COVID-19 with functional and project leads and facilitates resource mobilization and support to manage seamless delivery across all projects.

As governments accelerate measures to minimize the spread, it becomes crucial for businesses to balance work with efforts towards the health and well-being of all resources involved. We are taking the lead towards curbing the impact on the business while adapting the containment best practices as advised by the government and the leading national & international health organizations. At this time, we are assured that we will remain committed towards all our clients. We will be keeping all business functions up and running without any hindrance, whilst ensuring health and safety for our personnel.

We recognize that we are all affected in different ways by the pandemic. We remain fully committed to supporting our clients with any projects in flight and with any new needs in light of the shifting business landscape.

Let’s stay safe and healthy!

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

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