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What We Do

Cloud Native Applications

Providing certified expertise in developing Cloud-Native applications that have greater agility and security. The apps are built with an infrastructure integrated with DevOps, continuous delivery, mircroservices and containers.

Enterprise Applications

Rich experience analyzing large enterprise problems and developing solutions like dashboards, data management, transaction, workflow, rules and alert management systems with built in security, audit, monitoring & management features.

Web Applications

Crafting high quality, state-of-the-art, responsive web applications for B2B and B2C environments, optimized for performance over web and mobile devices by baking in analytics for better visibility, control and management.

QA Services

Experts in conducting functional, integration, system, security and performance testing. Quality management is built into our development life cycle with test-driven development processes addressing client-specific needs.

How We Do It

Lean Product Development

Our lean product development process helps out iterations fast, ensuring that your product gets continuous user validation and feedback, so that you build what they really want. 

Agile Project Management

Our implementation of agile development process across functions result in best product definition and predictably fast delivery.

Test Driven Development

Writing test before actual coding for logic provides greater understanding of business cases resulting in high quality of final product.

Continuous Delivery & Deployment

Automated test/ release mechanism for production environment maximizes the product quality and increases the success rate of your product.

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